Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your candidates from?

Our recruiting is done through: word of mouth, recommendations or referrals and online advertisements.

What services do we offer?

We offer childcare, homecare and Nanny training services such as; Nannies, Housekeepers, Cooks/Chefs, Homecare Nurses.

What ages of people do you recruit?

Our recruitment pool is from 18 years to 45 years old.

Why do you need to pay an Agency Fee?

The Agency Fee paid at the start of the search process registers you as a client with us and covers the service charge as well. The search process includes:

  1. Verifying application forms
  2. Background checks
  3. Organize interview sessions with prospective candidates
  4. Obtain Resume/CV and references.
  5. 1 free replacement within the first 6 months of engagement

What is the educational level of our candidates?

The educational level ranges from basic education to higher education (Diploma and Degree holders)

What is the salary range for the candidates?

Minimum salary is Ghc 400 monthly, salary is determined by the following factors:

  1. Age
  2. Level of experience
  3. Educational level
  4. Workload
  5. Live-in or live-out placement
  6. Type of service wanted
  7. Any other benefits

What benefits does the Agency offer to the candidates?

The candidate registration is valid for a year, which means should one employment fail you still have a chance of getting recruited by another family.

How soon can we get employment once we register with the Agency? (applies to candidates)

Placements are normally confirmed within a month of your registration; please note all documents pertaining to your application must be up to date and your availability towards interview sessions determines how soon you get your job.

What are some of the major concerns in hiring a caregiver?

  1. Reliability
  2. Complete stranger in my home
  3. Trust
  4. Will she love my child/children the way I do or want her to?
  5. Will she take instructions?

How long does it take to get a replacement?

Replacements are normally sorted within a month of notice to the Agency.

What are the requirements needed to sign up at the agency as a candidate?

  1. One passport picture
  2. Copy of Valid ID card (Voters ID, NHIS ID, Passport, National ID, Drivers License)
  3. Copy of school certificates
  4. CV/Resume
  5. One guarantor with Valid ID and passport picture

How long does it take to get candidate placement once Agency fee payment is made?

The search process for a suitable candidate is completed within two weeks of payment to the Agency.